Easy and Effective Way to Repair Broken MTS Video Files

Unable to access and play your lovely MTS videos? Want to repair broken MTS video images (2)files? MTS video file format is one of the highly popular and widely used format to record and play videos in high definition. It is mainly known for its excellent picture quality and. It gives you the high definition videos with very impressive audio sound. However beside all its efficiency and dexterity there is a fact that it is very prone to corruption. That’s why every now and then users get unable to play their precious MTS videos. Basically it happens when MTS videos gets broken due to any kind of corruption issue. There are many factors which can drag a user this this type disaster but some of the most reasonable causes are given bellow.

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Causes of corruption in MTS Video Files

  • Improper file transferring: If any thing went wrong during transferring process of MTS video then it can cause serious damage to your MTS video.
  • Incompatible media player: Playing the MTS video file in an unsupported media player can cause corruption to your precious video files.
  • Converting the file format of MTS Video: You should be very careful while converting the file format of you MTS video other wise you may have to loose your video.
  • Storage media corruption: Some times it happens that MTS video get inaccessible due to corrupted storage media.

In order to repair broken MTS video you can use MTS Video Recovery Software. It is highly professional and utterly effective utility. It can easily retrieve any of your lost MTS video in just few seconds. It quickly scans the entire storage drive and then elegantly recovers all the videos. It can easily repair any corruption with ease even the severe ones and makes the MTS video playable again. It bring the most sparkling features for the most accomplished retrieval of all your lost MTS videos. Therefore it is recommended to use MTS Video Recovery Software to Repair all your broken MTS videos in a convenient way.

User Guide for MTS Video Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and run the tool first then attach the media to PC and click on Start button.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 2: Select your volume and click to start scan button. You can also scan the drive with Advance Scan option.


Step 3: Now choose the type of file from the given list and click on start scan.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 4: Here the application will scan the volume thoroughly and gives the preview of recoverable files.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 5: After the process of scanning a the preview of all recovered files will be shown to you.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 6: Here choose the location where you need to save the recovered files.

MTS Video Recovery Software

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