Deleted AVCHD Video File Recovery Is Now Possible


Have you deleted your AVCHD videos mistakingly? Want to recover deleted AVCHD videos? AVCHD is a very popular video file format developed by Sony and Panasonic Inc. It is used to record long duration videos with very standard and high definition picture quality. Since it uses compression format to record videos so it needed comparably low disk space and suitable to be stored on SD card. However sometimes it Happens users unintentionally press the delete all button on their digital camera or camcorder and lose all their precious AVCHD video files. In such situation most of the users think that backup is the only way to recover their lost videos. But it is possible to recover your priceless and lovely AVCHD videos without backup is well.

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How To Recover Deleted AVCHD Videos

In order to recover your memorable video files you will need a powerful and effective third party data recovery application. Remember the application you are going to select would be effective enough to rescue all your lost video files. It is also important to try only any reliable and sophisticated utility otherwise it might be possible that you lost some of your important files while the recovery process. It would be sensible to try the demo version first in order to verify that the utility really able to rescue your files successfully or not.

MTS Video Recovery Software: Best Way to Recover AVCHD Video Files

MTS Video Recovery Software is the most sophisticated and reliable utility to restore all your lost AVCHD videos instantly in a very safe manner. Its processing features enables the users all their lost AVCHD video files after any breathtaking data loss situation. It ensures complete retrieval of all your AVCHD files in a very short time period. You can check out its demo version as well which surely helps you to make your decision easily. Therefore it is recommended to use MTS Video Recovery Software for the complete and convenient AVCHD video recovery.

User Guide for M Video Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and run MTS Video Recovery Software and connect your device with PC.


MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 2: Now select the drive from where you need to recover your files and then click on start scan button.


Step 3: You can also click the advanced scan button to customize the recovery process.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 4: Here your drive is being scanned by the application.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 5: After scanning a list of all recoverable files will be shown to you choose the files which you want to recover.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 6: Now specify the location where you need to store your videos.

MTS Video Recovery Software

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