MTS Recovery: How To Recover Formatted MTS Files

Have you lost your precious videos? Want to recover formatted MTS videos. MTS is a high definition video file extension and mainly known for its amazing picture quality. It is being widely used in all over the world and even professionals prefers to use this files format for recording videos because of its high definition video quality and of course wide range of support to different camcorder and digital camera. However but sometimes it happens that users format their storage media unintentionally and accidentally and thus eventually they lost all their videos including the precious one. In such situation they get panic and need to recover their videos at any cost. However being panic is not going to help you to get back all your videos so you should better look for any other option for formatted MTS videos recovery.

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In order to recover your lost videos first of all check is there any backup is available of your lost video. Backup is the most quickest and convenient way to restore all your videos easily but if there is no any valid backup is available then you have to make hurry because any further delay can prove very costly for you. In this type of critical circumstances the only possible way to recover your lost videos is to take services of any sophisticated third party data recovery program. MTS Video recovery Software would be one of most suitable option for you to rescue your precious MTS videos successfully. It is a highly professional video recovery tool specially designed to retrieve and restore MTS videos after any data loss situation. it can quickly recover all your video files with just few mouse clicks. Therefore it is recommended to use MTS Video Recovery Software in order to rescue formatted MTS videos with ease.

Salient Features of MTS Video Recovery Software

  • Recovers any lost, corrupted deleted or formatted MTS videos
  • Capable of restoring other multimedia files as well
  • Provides very interactive and easy to use graphical interface
  • Maintain the originality of recovered video files
  • Facilitate the users with the preview of all recovered MTS videos
  • Restores the recovered videos on the location as per users choice

Users Guide for MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install MTS Video Recovery Software and then attach your storage media from system and click on scan button.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 2: Choose your drive form the list of all recognized volumes and click on scan button. You also go for the advanced scan option.


Step 3: The advance scan option allows you to recover files selectively.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 4: Here the software will scan your drive for lost videos videos.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 5: Once the scanning gets completed then all recovered files will be shown to you.

MTS Video Recovery Software

Step 6: In the end save your files at desired location.

MTS Video Recovery Software

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